Daily Menu

Please note that flavors are seasonal and change frequently based on local produce availability.



Baguette*, multigrain*, sourdough*, rolls*


Coming soon or by special order - sandwich bread and buns


Savory Options

Quiche, salads*, savory bread pudding, soups*, mac n cheese, sandwich specials*


Baked Goods

Breakfast (or anytime)

Muffins, vegan muffins*, scones (sweet and savory), Walnut Banana Bread, Blueberry lemon loaf, cinnamon rolls, chia bars*, upside down cakes*


Cookies & Bars

Chocolate chip, triple chocolate, ginger spice, Mexican wedding, pecan bar, peanut butter**, almond**, everything*, oatmeal raisin*, snickerdoodle*, brownies*

Whoopie pies

Vegan oatmeal cream pies



Chocolate and Vanilla; vegan option available as well.



By the slice on weekends. Full size cakes can be ordered a week in advance


Seasonal Specials

Pies and Tarts, Irish soda bread, Meringues, Macarons


The * indicate the following:

*Vegan (no dairy, no eggs)

** Dairy free, but contains eggs